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Our Amazing Animal Sanctuary provides food, shelter, care, and an abundance of love to over 35 animals at any given time. We have cows, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, cats, and of course the dogs. We would love to share them with you, here are a few of our Animals stories.


Our first rescued animal was Lotus, our racehorse. We found Lotus in 2007, she was in a terrible state physically and emotionally and was bound for dog food. Lotus was originally bred for the sheikh of Dubai in USA, and was to have a successful life as a racehorse. But sadly Lotus ran too slow, and was disposed over at 2 years old. We spent time building her trust of humans, and her physical body. Now 12 years on, she is a beautiful animal living free from the fear of abuse.

Parvati, Hanuman and Atman are our beautiful cow family. We found Parvati, and her young son Hanuman on their way to the slaughterhouse. We brought them to Meadows farm, and gave them sanctuary. A few months later, and a big surprise to us Parvati  gave birth to Atman, she was actually pregnant when they were taking her to slaughter. This amazing family have lived with us for 9 years, they love meeting new people and are a great introduction of the animals to the general public.

All our animal friends have a story to tell, a past to heal from and now gratefully a future full of hope. They know how fortunate they are, and dearly love to be of service to other animals by meeting new people and showing them who they really are. They teach people from all walks of life what it means to be free, to be loved and most importantly to live without violence.