#BigBarnAppeal banner is a link to the website by go fund me raising funds for the animals new barn.

The project aims to provide our beloved animals with a home to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Animal Ashram 2019.

A purpose built agricultural barn in recognition of the animals service promoting Ahimsa, nonviolence in society.

Tejah one of our horses, eating grass in his meadow.

Our primary aim over the last 10 years was to become mortgage free. 

Meadows Farm is now owned outright.

We are now in a position to develop the site further and start to build more permanent buildings to replace our temporary structures.

The Big Barn appeal is the flagship building.

The barn will convey our love for animals, and our Ahimsa ethos.

The barn will house 10 stalls, or stables and will be home to all our farm animals which consist of cows, sheep, goats, pigs and a variety of horses.