17 Jul

Animal Pastoral Care

Emotional and Spiritual Support

Animals require emotional and spiritual support that can be found in all cultures and traditions. They love to meet new people. They love cuddles and attention, and one to one care.

A big barn would provide the animals with much more than a home. It would introduce them to human friends. A safe, warm place to build connections.

Presently, when the public visits the animals there are restrictions because we do not have a barn. They have to be introduced to them in an open field behind a gate. A Big Barn would enable the animals to meet many more people, especially children who could be introduced in a safe, clean environment. This would make the animals more accessible.

Pastoral care builds the bridges between animals and humans, and heals the harm caused by abuse and neglect.

The pigs, goats, sheep, horses and cows need emotional and spiritual support. They require physical attention from humans. 

Over the previous 10 years, we have provided them outside shelters, food, fields,  medical care and maintenance. But we have also and perhaps most importantly provided them with love. We have spent hours touching, stroking, massaging, and physically connecting with them.

Volunteers have traveled miles just to visit them, and spend quality time with them.

Ram, (the goat in the image above) the head goat loves nothing more than a massage with natural oils and a pamper day.

The pigs love humans scratching their bellies, and having a cuddle. The sheep love you to sit with them, so they can build a relationship with humans. And the horses idea of relaxation is spending time receiving grooming, and massages from their human friends.