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We developed The Ahimsa Programme for schools, which aims to nurture and develop positive values (for example, compassion, kindness and non-violence) in children, and young people.


The Ahimsa Programme encourages children, and young people to embark upon a beautiful voyage of self-discovery through their interactions with the animals, and the natural environment.

The Ahimsa Programme teaches the importance of living non-violently. This supports children in choosing non-violence in thought, word and deed throughout their own lives.


A sample song from the Earth Lesson

Ahimsa and Schools

The Ahimsa Natural Ecology Programme seeks to nurture positive values in children through investigating different aspects of nature. It offers fun, interactive and educational classes for children in schools.

Schools are invited to bring the children along to the animal Ashram to see Ahimsa in action. The lessons studied in the classroom on water, the land, nature, animals and our environment. Are then brought to life here with – an Ahimsa experience day.

The children have an opportunity to meet animals who are treated with respect, and equality. Animals who are loved, and cared for in a non-violent way.

Our aim is to develop Pashupati Ashram Animal Sanctuary, and for it to be developed primarily to promote the ethos of Ahimsa in society; especially with our children. Once our children experience the importance of non-violence towards other beings, they will be the change we want to see in the world.